Australian pop singer and songwriter
Ambrose goes beyond crafting catchy
tunes, forming a profound connection
as listeners resonate with the
narratives embedded in her songs.

In 2021, Ambrose captivated hearts
with 'Breathe Again,' a fan-favorite that
secured an impressive 14-week spot in
the TCM Top 30 (Today’s Christian
Music) charts.


Her musical journey took an international turn when her love for K-pop led
her to South Korea, where she immersed herself in daily life, work, and the
vibrant culture, unlocking new dimensions to her artistry. Returning to
Australia, she delighted fans with 'Like That,' a heartfelt Pop/R&B ballad
produced by Jon S Kim, credited for his work with Suzy, Crush, and Jay

Back in Australia, Ambrose continues to shape her musical narrative,
drawing inspiration from her experiences in both Melbourne and Korea.

Beyond the mic, she's the cool aunt, spreading love to little ones, and a
food delivery pro (because, who isn't?).


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