Independent artist AMBROSE (formally Natalie Ambrose) is a pop singer and songwriter whose latest release "Breathe Again" debuted at #27 on TCM Top 30 charts  in January 2021, peaking at #17 and remaining in the Top 30 for 14 weeks. 

Ambrose started writing at 11, using beats on a very old mini Casio keyboard and her cassette player. Throughout her teen years Ambrose started to teach herself keys, taking a keen interest in music theory and chord structures and in her final year of school, switched her University preferences from Nursing to Music on a whim, in order to avoid her least favourite science class.

After studying music, Natalie struggled to find work and lost her sense of direction musically for some years. However, in the wake of scoring free tickets outside the venue to an Ed Sheeran concert in 2014, Natalie found her heart started beating again for music and within a few years Natalie Ambrose and eventually Ambrose was birthed. 

Some of her favourite artists today include Ed Sheeran, LAUV, and Taylor Swift and a variety of Kpop/KRnB artists. 

On the odd occasion, you may find Ambrose playing her songs for her housemate's cat, Gilo.