Independent artist AMBROSE is a pop singer and songwriter whose latest release "Breathe Again" debuted at #27 on TCM Top 30 charts (Australia's official Christian music charts). 

Having released music under "Natalie Ambrose" already, AMBROSE wants to keep making music that is honest and familiar.

Self taught on the keyboard AMBROSE always wanted to be intentional about growing her skills. "I would often find myself needing to express myself but not quite having the tools to have it go from heart to radio. I've spent the most part of my adult years refining and just having a good crack." 

Immersing herself in her favourite artists, AMBROSE challenges herself to experiment with songwriting. Some of her favourite artists today include Ed Sheeran, LAUV, Crush, Eric Nam and Taylor Swift. 

AMBROSE is set to release new music in 2021 with a fresh and bright sound. 

Never one to shy from silliness, AMBROSE occasionally tests her songs on her housemate's cat, Gilo.