Independent artist AMBROSE is a pop singer and songwriter whose latest release "Breathe Again" debuted at #27 on TCM Top 30 charts (Australia's official Christian music charts) in January 2021, peaking at #17 and remaining in the Top 30 for 14 weeks. 

Self taught on the keyboard AMBROSE spends her spare time writing music and seeking opportunities to write, collaborate and topline.  

Some of her favourite artists today include Ed Sheeran, LAUV, BTS, Stray Kids and Taylor Swift. 

When asked about the future, AMBROSE notes "I'm honestly so open and keen for many different opportunities. I would love to release an EP or Mini album in the next 18months, but I'm also seeking opportunities to write for other artists. I've recently come across toplining which is very popular in South Korea ("Kpop") and I think that would be a fun venture to look into. Ultimately I just want to keep writing, keep releasing songs and make people happy".

Never one to shy from silliness, AMBROSE occasionally tests her songs on her housemate's cat, Gilo.