On 22 January 2022, Ambrose took to the stage with a new show "If I'm being honest". 

"Ambrose often enjoys wasting time in her inner world, unfolding pieces of her past and then writing songs about them. 

Some of her songs have been described as brutal (mostly by the ex in question) although Ambrose would posit that the songs are “like placing flowers on a grave” and simply sincere retellings of all the honest feelings, facets and consequences of these relationships. 

Ambrose spends one more night with friends and fam to share some of her favourite work so far, before jetting off to South Korea."

More photos to come. Stay tuned on web and socials. 

JMC Academy's 2021 Cassette Awards - Nomination

"Did You Really Mean it?" nominated as Best Alumni WOrk

JMC Academy's  Cassette Awards acknowledge outstanding achievements in student work across JMC's MusicAudio and Entertainment Business Management departments. 

Ambrose studied at JMC Academy receiving a Bachelor of Music Performance in 2015. 

"I was so excited and humbled to be nominated and recognised by my Uni. I learned so much at JMC and genuinely enjoyed my time there. I'm always hearing new works released by past and present students andthe talent is INSANE. 

Pictured here with my bestie on the red carpet. 

New Release "Breathe Again" out now

05/02/21 We're so excited to share the news! 

Ambrose latest release "Breathe Again" is OUT NOW! 

Produced by the dynamic duo at MSquared Productions, the pop track featuring light synth beats and an uplifting message debuted at #27 in TCM Top 30, Australia's official Christian music charts, 

Check out this sweet editorial by Melbourne's own The Real Songwriters of Melbourne 

You can download / stream Breathe Again on all major digital platforms including SpotifyApple MusicAmazon Music and more ! 

Music Video is out now !! 

Summer Photoshoot - Meet Bron

In the Summer of 2020 at Fitzroy Gardens, you would have seen Natalie frolicking around the park followed around by an attentive and talented photographer. Meet Bron of 'Bronweinerschnitzels'. 

Bron is a true 'creative; and brings charm and colour to the table. With the help of her trusty assistant Kathryn, Bron has produced some beautiful images, with just a few on the website and some more hiding away for the future! 

NOV 2 2019 - The Butterfly Club

Presented like a letter, Natalie's show "Dear True Heart" provided for an intimate evening of song and recitation  to her fanbase, following a story of letters to a past love. 

// Dear True Heart // - You asked me to write a song about you. Be careful what you wish for. 

Recording "Did You Really Mean It?"

In November 2017, Natalie packed her car with supplies and a best friend and drove to Cronulla NSW, to record her second single Did You Really Mean It? with Jeremy Fowler

After spending 20+ hours on the road, 3 nights in an Air Bnb, 2 days recording, and 1 morning driving the wrong way through Sydney, the song was completed ! 

" Jeremy has so much to offer and I felt secure in his production and direction. He has such an incredible ear and I honestly felt so relaxed through the whole process. He knew how to take my song and refine it, which is not something everyone can be trusted with. 

It was such a memorable experience, packing the car to travel interstate and record with someone I honestly used to fan-girl over, and end it with a girls weekend in Sydney. Life is so unpredictable and fast, and I always have to remind myself that this was something special and it happened for me. "

May 2019 - LAN Forum

Victorian Local Aboriginal Networks Forum - May 2019 Traralgon

Natalie had the honour of treating guests to a performance at the LAN forum in Gippsland in 2019.

LANs are local networks run by volunteers. They provide a safe and welcoming space for the Aboriginal community to connect, share, learn and lead.

Natalie identifies as an Indigenous Australian. "My mum's family traditionally come from Ngarigo/Monero land (think, Snowy Mountain river area) although we also have ties and family in Gippsland. I'm always proud to call myself a Koorie girl, and was very honoured to be asked to come sing. I even managed to get my mum to come up and sing a duet with me, just like we used to when I was a kid".

For more information on LANs or how you can support Indigenous communities, start by heading to the website  https://www.aboriginalvictoria.vic.gov.au/local-aboriginal-networks-and-gathering-places 

The most important thing is to listen, be open and allow safe space for discussion.