Like That - Performance

January 2022, Ambrose took to the stage for one last show before moving overseas (South Korea). The show "If I'm being honest ..." featured a bunch of originals including this gem, "Like That". 

Closed captions are available on the video. 

Song begins at 3:00. :)

Breathe Again - Music video (with friends!!)

I’ve been so excited for this release, that I decided to coordinate some secret early previews of the song with friends, and then film their reactions / dance party .. in my car 

So here’s the music video! 

Special thanks to Jessie, Kirsty, Gannon, Jess, Shez, Tina, Olivia, Johnny, Sam + Theo the Golden Retriever

Breathe again - Chill performance video

// I know you're tired and trying to make it through / but I'm telling you / you can learn to BREATHE AGAIN / Just when you think you'll fall again / I'm telling you / you'll start to breathe again // 

I wrote this song in 2019, long before I knew of the crazy times we'd have ahead in 2020. I heard broken story after broken story around me, and it felt so heavy, because I'd been there. 

This is a song of encouragement. I'm not going to promise you that bad things won't happen, and I can't tell you when it's going to get better. But I can guarantee that there's a God who loves you, and He's going to give you what you need to persevere. I know. I've been there, and it's been terrible. But, just when you think you'll fall apart, you'll find something, just enough, to BREATHE AGAIN, and keep going. -- Natalie xx  

Mv / Music Video

The 2018 release for 'Did You Really Mean It?' included an animated lyric video. Using over 1000 photos on an iPhone5s, lots of paper crafts and some creative flair, Natalie produced this video in her upstairs bedroom in Melbourne's Western suburbs,  

Take a squiz below at the MV preview.  

Like what you see? There's a link above to Natalie's Youtube channel. How about sharing the experience with your friends? 

Debut Single - 'Transition'

// In the painful hour, these memories come back / Praying for relief, I'm asking for release / In the dim light, the stars I've asked for comfort / Waiting for my life to start moving again / / It's time for TRANSITION / It's time for transition / It's time for transition //

I wrote this song in the midst of that stagnant-break-up-phase, we all know too well. It's that point in healing where you know it's time to move on, but nothing's moving. It's a desperate cry for the future you know you deserve but can't quite see. This song helped me heal. - Natalie xx